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EFA-3 Two Bottle Set
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EFA-3 is a blend of organic human grade seed oils. EFA-3 is 80% flaxseed oil with a blend of cold pressed, unprocessed, organic Omega-6, DHA and EPA rich oils to achieve the desired balance of effective essential fatty acids.

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CONTAINER: 8 bottles (560 oz.)

4-10 oz./day (adult Thoroughbred)

Top-dressed on feed

Consider EFA-3 an investment. Your horse will stay healthier from sickness, respiratory ailments, inflammatory conditions, allergies, etc. The cost savings on medications and veterninary expenses more times than not counteracts the direct cost of our product. Not to mention that you may also make up the difference in the race, show ring or sales arena.

Feeding EFA-3 will be profitable!

Bulk discounts available. Discount determined by the number of horses you are feeding.


Why EFA-3?

EFA-3 increases performance because it contributes to:

  • Shortened recovery time from exercise and injury.
  • Increased absorption and utilization of oxygen.
  • Improved condition of the coat and hooves.
  • Enhanced immune system response.
  • Increased energy and metabolism.
  • Improved clearance of lactic acid.
  • Increased lean body mass, strength, and stamina.


One of the most crucial hormones required for athletic performance is insulin. Erasmus' work with Omega-3s on a cellular level demonstrates that they increase insulin sensitivity. This is critical in protein synthesis, nitrogen balances, muscle growth and the shuttling of nutrients such as glycogen and protein to the muscle. He also concludes that essential fatty acids increase liver function, improve oxygen uptake and utilization, and decrease recovery time after strenuous work.


The ability to utilize a given amount of oxygen for an activity is measured in VO2 max. VO2 max is actually how efficient the system is in transporting oxygen from the lungs to the muscles. Introducing Omega-3 fatty acids has been found to actually increase the VO2 max in track athletes.

Edgar Ott PhD from the University of Florida cited research at the Equine Nutrition and Physiology society meeting. He states that horses fed omega-3 rich oils compared to control groups fed corn oil and other omega-6 rich oils showed the following after subjected to a SET test (standard exercise test):

  • Heart rates were lower during training.
  • Recovery rate post exercise was improved.
  • Cortisol values were lower.

The anabolic environment within the system created by the supplementation of EFA-3 is not evident overnight. It is a cumulative process, which develops over a period of time. Adding EFA-3 to your daily feed routine consistently, in the recommended dosage, will produce the benefits discussed in this document.