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EFA-3 Two Bottle Set
EFA-3 Case 8 Bottles (4 Gall.)

EFA-3 is a blend of organic human grade seed oils. EFA-3 is 80% flaxseed oil with a blend of cold pressed, unprocessed, organic Omega-6, DHA and EPA rich oils to achieve the desired balance of effective essential fatty acids.

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CONTAINER: 8 bottles (560 oz.)

4-10 oz./day (adult Thoroughbred)

Top-dressed on feed

Consider EFA-3 an investment. Your horse will stay healthier from sickness, respiratory ailments, inflammatory conditions, allergies, etc. The cost savings on medications and veterninary expenses more times than not counteracts the direct cost of our product. Not to mention that you may also make up the difference in the race, show ring or sales arena.

Feeding EFA-3 will be profitable!

Bulk discounts available. Discount determined by the number of horses you are feeding.



EFA-3 contains essential fatty acids. These compounds are called essential because they are not synthesized by the body and, therefore, must be obtained from dietary sources. Essential fatty acids serve as the foundation building blocks of a mammal's systemic requirements. Our horses are deficient in essential fatty acids because these are not available in commercial feeds. EFA-3 will supply the necessary essential fatty acids for optimal performance and health.


  • An increase in strength and stamina, which is due to the positive effects on the endocrine system producing the hormones and enzymes necessary for improved athletic performance.
  • Hormonal profiles will balance.
  • Insulin sensitivity and efficiency will increase allowing the system to synthesize more muscle, utilizing nutrients more efficiently.
  • Neurological pathways will be more efficient in the innervation of muscle fibers, making the athlete stronger and faster.
  • There will be an increase in the ability to transport and utilize oxygen, improving stamina. This is due to the affinity the carbon chain of Omega-3 fatty acids has for oxygen.
  • Connective tissue will be strengthened and bone density will be increased. This is due to the positive effects on the integrity and fluidity of the cell membranes.
  • Recovery time from exercise and injury will be shortened because of the factors listed above and due to the enhanced immune system. The immune system is suppressed by intense exercise and plays and important role in recuperation. A suppressed immune system leads to over training, injury, and poor performance.


The two primary essential fatty acids are Omega-3 and Omega-6. Omega-6 is the more stable of the two. It can withstand processing, creating a longer shelf life for the product containing it. Omega-6 is the primary essential fatty acid in commercial horse feed and supplements because it is readily available, cheaper, and easier to market. An important point is that under typical marketplace conditions, Omega-6 can have negative effects when consumed because it is derived from the fat content of the feed, which is in the form of highly processed soy, corn, or other inexpensive oils. An overabundance of Omega-6 (especially in a processed state) serves as a precursor to the arachidonic acid. Arachidonic acid produces type 2 series prostaglandins.5, 12, These compounds create a catabolic environment within an animal's system.2, 7 Catabolic refers to a muscle wasting, pro-inflammatory, immune suppressing, injury prone state.