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Flax Bran (F)
with Cofactors

Flax Bran (F) contains the appropriate cofactors necessary for the optimal absorption of the essential fatty  acids derived from EFA-3. These cofactors include magnesium, and zinc in the form of amino acid chelates, and vitamin B12.

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CONTAINER: 4 gall / 23 lbs

1 cup/day, preferably divided in two feedings

1 to 2 cups/day
75 servings per month @ 1 cup/day


A note about Flax Bran

Flax Bran is milled organic golden human grade flaxseed. The cofactors are then
added to create our proprietary blend.

The benefits of our Flax Bran product are two fold:

First: The active ingredients in EFA-3 are essential fatty acids. Optimal absorption of these essential fatty acids is dependent on specific cofactors. These cofactors are magnesium, zinc, selenium,  and B12. Magnesium and zinc being the most important. Our horse’s diet is deficient in these two important minerals. Why? If you look at 99% of our grain and supplements, these minerals are in the inorganic form of oxides and sulfates. They are absorbed at a rate of less than 10%. Check your feed bag. It will list the minerals. If you continue reading, the form of the minerals will be listed.

Second, performance is dependent on the presence of magnesium. Magnesium is the essential mineral for ATP metabolism and muscle contraction.

To counter this problem, I have developed a mineral blend that contains
these minerals in the form of amino acid chelates. I use chelates produced by Albion labs. These are human grade minerals considered the very best in the country. Amino acid chelates have been shown to be absorbed up to 500% better than  inorganic forms (oxides,sulfates etc.) . I blend these minerals with the other cofactors including an iron chelate B3, B6, B12, and put the blend in a base of human grade ground flaxseed. The ground flax is an excellent source
of fiber and contains the most complete compliment of amino acids from a
vegetable source.

By feeding this to your horses, you will get more bang for your buck with our EFA-3 products. Your horses will have adequate amounts of very important minerals, the EFA-3 will be maximally utilized, and your performance horses will be healthier, look and perform better.